When I first came to IDB, I honestly did not know what to expect. But I have to say that the experience has exceeded my expectations in every way. The organization is great. The quality of instruction is unsurpassed in my experience and the people have been fabulous. I love the mix of ages. I love the mix of classes. I'll definitely be back again. It's just been a fabulous experience.
- Diane (Dallas, TX)

Where else can you have so many group lessons from instructors who are World Champions? In every room, there's a different world champion teaching something. That's pretty exciting.
- Daniel (West Lafayette, Indiana)

You're learning from top - I mean top - dancers in the world. Just seeing them dance alone, and actually talking to them - they're very personal with you - it was amazing. I think any dancer from complete beginner to open competitor dancer can benefit from this. It hasn't even finished yet and I'm already looking forward to next year!
- Linara (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

Here at IDB I've been learning a lot - every day - every lesson - I take away numerous things. You don't have time to write it all down. You just know you're going to get exposed to some many amazing thing. They bring in the best instructors. You take lessons and learn things from amazing people here at IDB. It's been an excellent experience.
- Alex (Severna Park, MD)

I have to say it's the most fun I've ever had. This is the year I've gathered the courage to join the performance dance team and it was absolutely fantastic.
- Diane (Cranston, Rhode Island)

As a teen at the IDB, it's really exciting to have the chance to learn International style as an American style dancer and I thought coming into it that it would be kind of intimidating with all of the older dancers, more advanced levels but it's really not. I feel like I'm one of the crowd.
- Alexis (Titusville, Florida)

We thoroughly enjoyed it. They instructors have been good - extremely good. It has changed our concept of dancing. We're planning to come again and would recommend it to our friends. We'd recommend it to anybody. Some of the best instruction we've ever had and we've have been dancing a long time. We'll be back and we'll bring our friends as well. It's been wonderful.
- Roy and Lynne (Oxford, Connecticut)

The dance camp is great. The classes are wonderful. The people are so friendly. They laugh. They're light-hearted. They really enjoy themselves. Their love for dancing and love for us coming out here and sharing what we know with them really comes out. Definitely IDB is a place that if you want to come, have fun, learn to dance, meet new people, it's definitely a great place to be.
- Victor Fung, Instructor

I think this is the most wonderful concept I have ever seen. Getting anyone to come together with really great instruction at affordable prices and it's just constant immersion for the whole 5-day period with all kinds of fun things scattered in between the really serious technique and choreography and dancing classes. It's really incredible. This is an opportunity no one should miss.
- Dan Calloway, Instructor

It's always a great pleasure to come here because the enthusiasm of the students that attend here is overwhelming. Everyone loves ballroom dancing. They go at it for 8 hours a day. I always look forward to coming back here.
- Glenn Weiss, Instructor